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A-1 (Service Period)

When we receive a completed Service Agreement (Contract) from the customer, we will schedule our crew for the work. We will give the customer an estimated time frame for starting and completing the work. Sometimes, it is possible the job may fall outside of that time frame for various reasons, such as an emergency, unexpected delay in other jobs, inclement weather, and situations beyond our control, etc. We will make our best effort to communicate with the customer if the job takes longer than expected. Otherwise, customers can expect the job to be completed within the time frame given.

Customer may not terminate agreement due to a job being open later than the expected completion date. TidyDeck will make diligent efforts to try to complete the job within the time frame given.

A-2 (Deposit)

A pre-specified deposit is required before starting any work. In some situations, we may begin a job without the deposit, but cannot complete it until the deposit and a completed Service Agreement are received.

A-3 (Moving deck furniture)

Customer is expected to clear everything off the service area prior to the start of the job. We are not responsible for damage or theft to furnishings that are moved by the customer in preparation for our crew.

Please place furniture well away from service area.

Decks may be used during the job cycle but we do ask the customer to be careful to keep it clean and clear for our crew.

If the service area is not cleared when the crew shows up on the appointed date, and they have to clear the area to perform their work, customer will be charged $ 75.00 furniture moving fee.

We will be cautious when working on the customer's property. Customer will be responsible for returning items to their original site after job is completed.

A-4 (Pressure Washing)

For pressure washing of decks and houses, it is important that all windows are closed and window sills are sealed off before the crew arrives.
We will not be responsible for water/detergent entering and damaging the inside of home owner's homes. Please make sure water is available from all outside water spigots.

Customer will be charged a travel cost if no water and/or outdoor electricity is available when the crew arrives to do pressure washing on the appointed date.

A-5 (Payment)

Full payment is due immediately upon job completion. Checks and credit cards are accepted. However, if paying by credit card, a 2% surcharge on the total amount charged will be imposed. Than you for your understanding. If paying by check, you may give it to the crew, or mail it to TidyDeck.

Job completion for deck, fence or concrete service is when the stain, sealer, or finish product has been applied. Although penetrative stain dries as its being applied to wood or concrete surfaces, customers are advised to stay off the deck for 24 hours.

Rainfall is unpredictable. We will use our sound judgement to choose to stain exterior wood on overcast days. Rainfall interruption will not damage newly stained wood. Sealer is oil-based and penetrates upon contact with the wood. Our crew also brush-in and dry damp areas before leaving job site. Should rain occur immediately after application--STAINED AREAS WILL NOT BE DAMAGED.

Again, payment is due after application regardless of weather. Should rainfall occur during or immediately after application--we may need to make a return trip to apply a thin coat of stain on horizontal areas of decking only. The payment however; is due after initial staining process and before the unlikely event of having to recoat the horizontal surfaces.

If customer decides for any reason to not proceed to the staining phase after we have already pressure washed, the customer will be billed for 50% of the original price plus materials.

If a payment dispute arises after the job is completed and customer refuses to pay, we will make reasonable efforts to resolve the dispute with the customer. However, if it is not resolved within two weeks, we reserve the right to register a property lien on the customer's property and take legal action to recoup our losses. This applies to customers who are unwilling to settle a dispute with us or make payment arrangements.

A-6 (Amendments)

If the customer wishes to make any changes to this agreement, those changes must be discussed with Tidy Deck first, and agreed to by both parties before service begins. Once the service begins, amendments can still be made to the agreement, but they must be discussed with Tidy Deck and a new agreement be executed before further service can be provided. This would include any additional work request not included on the original agreement and the new price for the job.

A-7 (Sign in front yard)

We may place a sign in home owner's front yard when the crew arrives. If the crew does not return to remove the sign after 2 weeks, the customer may discard it.

A-8 (Staining and sealing)

Our regular service includes: cleaning, application of sealer (stain), minor sanding, hammering down exposed nails and tightening loose boards. We use a semi-transparent sealer with pigment. The sealer is designed to protect the surfaces for 2-5 years. It will last three years on average for Atlanta area. Sealers go on dark, but will lighten over time. Curing can take 3 months and is a normal process.

We use airless spray equipment, but under most circumstances we use brushes, pads and rollers as tools of application. Fencing will be sprayed and then back brushed. Any minor spraying of decking will be followed up with back brushing. Surfaces receive one-coat of application. Second coats are an additional cost.

Solid stains and paint, restoration sanding, stripping, repairs, nail setting and staining the UNDERSIDE of decking are all additional work. These services will be subject to additional costs.

Customer's responsibility: Humidity, heat and penetration of stain may cause resin or pine sap to leach up from the wood pores and settle on the surfaces of the wood, thus leaving a white appearance on the deck. Customer must be aware that these areas should be cleaned, when dry, with soap, water and a coarse cleaning pad.

We will deliver sample stain but must have one weeks notice. Customer can then apply stain to affected areas. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for leaching pine sap. There will be a minimum charge for the removal of leaching sap and re-application of stain.


A-9 (Warranty)

Our work is guaranteed for 1 year. The guarantee covers premature failure and misapplication of products.

Not covered in warranty: Natural fading,changing of color, worn areas from traffic, abuse of decking, animal behavior, spilling of chemicals,greases, soil, etc.

If the homeowner notices a problem with the deck or fence during the warranty period, we will inspect the work and decide on a solution. If the problem is covered under the warranty, we will be happy to rectify the situation at no cost. If the problem is outside the warranty we will submit a quote for the repair.

If sun levels are intense, such as in a deck or fence with a southern exposure, a light second coat may be necessary within the first year. An estimate will be provided for the second coat of stain.

We recommend refinishing (maintaining) the deck every 12-24 months. On fences we recommend a second coat of stain after one year. Service cost will vary between 20 to 50% of the regular price --- not initial cost --- because often the initial cost is already discounted for both decks and fencing.

After 36 months, discounts no longer apply and customer will be charged a regular price for maintenance of the deck.

A-10 (contract)

This contract is binding as soon as a completed service agreement is accepted by TidyDeck, digitally or via mail service.

Customer will be liable for all costs of services whether expressed verbally or written on the agreement.

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