Below we answer some common questions about our Wood Care Experience. If you have a specific question not listed, please email us.

We strive to answer all questions within 24-48 hours. Of course, you can call us anytime.

Q: What is The Wood Care Experience?

The Wood Care Experience is our premier wood restoration service. It includes cleaning your wood structure, sanding applicable areas, resetting nails and screws as needed, and staining, sealing & protecting your wood structures with TWP-200.

Q: How long does the stain take to dry?

TWP-200 has a recommended drying time of at least 48 hours. Some areas will dry faster and some areas will dry slower. Weather & sun exposure play a factor in drying and curing times.

Q: How long will the stain last?

TWP-200 is rated life span is 3-5 years. It depends on the environment of the structure. Bad weather, extreme sunlight, animal damage, and heavy usage all contribute to the life of the treatment. The stain and sealant should be refreshed every at least every 3 years. If we have treated your structure, we take 25% off the price of refreshing, unless some severe damages have been done.

Q: Who moves the furniture and equipment on the deck?

We ask that you remove any furniture from your deck and put it in a safe place away from the work area. If you have heavy equipment on the deck, our technicians may be able to assist. After the job is completed and the recommended drying time has passed it is the homeowner's responsibility to replace any furniture or equipment that was moved.

Q: Will there be any damage to my plants?

We will be as careful as possible when working around plants. If you have infant flowers or really new plants we will try to move them or cover them. Some damages may occur but we will try to advise you of any alternatives we feel are necessary.

Q: My deck looks blotchy and uneven what happened?

Don't worry. It is normal for the stain to take some time to cure. During this time it will balance out. If there is a significant problem due to application error we will rectify the situation to your satisfaction.

Q: How many coats do you use?

Unlike most other products, TWP 200 is a one coat application of stain & sealer. We will put on an additional coat if you would like the stain to be darker, however, there will be an additional charge.