We are the premier wood care restoration service in Atlanta. We provide your wooden structures with unequaled protection from wood's 8 Worst Enemies maintaining structural integrity and most importantly increase your property value with radiant curb appeal.



Enjoy a lifetime
of beautiful wood.



Our four step process to beautiful wood:

Pressure Washing
Removes unsightly graying, mildew, deep down dirt & restore your wood to its natural color. We also clean your driveways, home exteriors and other structures.
Smooths surfaces of the wood, improves stain penetration and removes dangerous splinters. All applicable areas of decking will be lightly sanded, mainly in traffic areas.
Stain & Sealant
Professionally applied to your wood structures will assure even distribution and color. Some areas are "hand-applied" for the best overall coverage while in trouble areas or on fencing, we do use a spray method followed by a back-brush technique. Remember, TWP-200 is the #1 rated natural wood finish in America.
Deck Repairs
Included are hammering in raised nails, tightening loose boards and adding nails or screws as needed. If the decking is severely damaged, additional repairs such as replacing broken boards and steps can be arranged. There is an additional charge for these extra services.

The same prodecures apply to all exterior wood: fences, timbers, retaining walls, play gyms, docks, shake & shingle roofs, cabins and log homes.